September 6, 2015

Crushin' on my Classroom Theme

When I was a Pinterest Newbie, my first boards were all about teaching. Then, I stumbled upon a blog about classroom themes, Schoolgirl Style. I never thought of decorating my classroom with an actual theme. I just sticky taped cute posters all over the room as my "decor". Alas, I ran into Melanie's site and found the cutest classrooom decor, a bird theme, her original one. I loved how she told me exactly where to go to get the items I needed to create my theme. I purchased her birds (and couple years later- her new birds). But I still love her original blue birds. There is such a sweetness to them. They greet me every morning and tweet me adieu every afternoon. My bestie created a whimsical tree for my hallway last school year.  I didn't do alot of changes this year but change the letters to more colorful ones. I am so crushin' my hallway decor!
Last year

This year!

I will hang my students' work here.

The other side of the hallway.

Added a writing table.

Added a few chandeliers...

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