January 6, 2017

Colorful Snowflake Art

Here is a quick and easy snowflake art by Art Projects for Kids.  We first painted our backgrounds using watercolors. While students were painting I went around sprinkling kosher salt. You want to sprinkle the salt on before the paint dries.  If the paint does dry before you can get to student number ten just brush it down with a wet paintbrush and sprinkle the salt.  It actually made the colors blend beautifully! The website created this art for cards. I just used regular water color paper and had the kids cut out snowflakes with coffee filters.  

You want to wait for the paint to dry and then wipe the salt off the paper.  The salt gives off a nice texture look for the background. Glue the snowflakes on any edges of the paper making sure some of it is not on the actual paper and snip the excess off. 

Love how some of my kiddos cut their snowflakes to look like planets. 
Hhhmmm...maybe we can do that next time with galactic paint!