November 16, 2014

I Am Thankful For

I borrowed an idea from Pinterest. I had to pin it for my Thanksgiving Bulletin Board. I like to keep things simple and easy with my busy schedule. This board was quick and easy! I made a simple template for students to write their thankfulness. Click on here to download.
You get as creative as you want when designing your sign. I used die-cuts for the leaves (my Hello Kitty d├ęcor stays up all year long). Have fun creating your own version! Happy Thanksgiving!

November 14, 2014

Monitoring Comprehension

Have you ever found yourself thinking of something else while reading? I do this all the time! I especially do this when I am reading resource books. I find myself wondering how to bake a wedding cake (see previous post). Monitoring Comprehension is one of our reading strategies to help students understand and remember what they are reading. You can read more from Strategies That Work by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis. I created a simple template for my second graders using the Read, Write, and TalK (p.82). This is their favorite one because, socially, they love to talk! Students read and record their thoughts on the sheet. I wanted them to think of four events that they wanted to share with others. The fun part is talking to their peers about what they are reading. Monitoring comprehension helps students stay on top of what they are reading. The Read, Write, and Talk allows them to build their social skills. Click Here to Download

October 4, 2014

Something Borrowed

I wanted to hand out something to my students' parents as a "thank you" for coming to my Parent/Teacher conferences. I searched Pinterest and came upon Fun in First Grade site. She had the cutest Meet the Teacher thank you's. And it was FREE! Here's the freebie printable. You can use them for Open House or Back to School Night.
I loved seeing my parents' smiles after I gave them their popcorn bag! It's the simple things to make others smile.

Anchored in Charts

Since Pinterest, I have been obsessed with Anchor Charts. I see what I like and tweak it for my teaching needs. I love creating them on a snowy evening (school cancelled due to a Snow Day) along with a great set of markers and a good cup of hot chocolate!         Recently, I needed anchor charts for my Writer's Workshop. I mentioned it to my wonderful creative friend who was just as excited as I was about creating them. And since I have less creativity, I tasked her the job. I am glad I did! I'm in the process of teaching Bold Beginnings.  I told her what I needed and she created this! She tied in my classroom bird theme, too!

 Here's the Mighty Middles anchor chart. She knows I love chocolate! 
Exciting Endings anchor chart. I love this one!

I created  a space in the front of my classroom  to hang my anchor charts for students to use for reference. I rotate my charts depending on what I am teaching. I covered a magnetic bulletin board and used magnet hooks to hang my charts. I placed regular clips on the posters to hook them on to my bulletin board.
And my sweet creative friend added an anchor to the tree. And yes, students ask, "why is there an anchor hanging from that tree?"

September 22, 2014

Utensil Trays? What?

I picked up some utensil trays from the Dollar Store. I used them for my students' desks to keep them organized. It was a simple and cheap way to keep their desks neat. You can try using paint trays as well, but the utensil trays separated their school supplies. You're welcome!

September 19, 2014

Like a Rock Star!

I happened to take the day off from work and visited my old school today. Students were gathered in the gym for worship while I waited outside ready to surprise my former students. I even had on a visitor's pass on! 

Once the VP let them in on the surprise, I felt overwhelmed with joy hearing the crowd burst my name. I felt like a rock star! Then, the group hug came! You can see the expressions on my face of happiness (to see how much they've grown) to distress (thought I was going to fall)! 

It was a great ending to my school week! I love this school! I baked coconut cupcakes for all of my teacher friends! I missed you so!

Photo Credit: Y. Melbourne

August 19, 2014

First Day of School

We're back at it again! What do you do when your principal tells you to build your dream classroom? You start building! My classroom came with all the techie gagdets (SMARTboard, document camera, etc) and I am in techno heaven! School ordered new furniture and a voice projecting sound system. I can't wait for them to come in. Especially, my students' desks because I matched them to my classroom colors! I will post pictures once my classroom is complete. Meanwhile, I continued my bird theme inspired by Schoolgirl Style. I purchased her old and new versions of birds. They are pure sweetness! My wonderful bestie created my beautiful whimsical tree to go with my birdies. First day of school was a hit! Plus, I got to wear my thrift find bird theme dress! Enjoy my Pinterest Inspired classroom!

August 17, 2014

I joined Bloglovin

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My Mother's China

Sixteen years ago, my mother gave me a set of china plates as a wedding gift. They sat in their original box for a couple of years until we got a kitchen hutch. I used the plates for display in the hutch and never used them for anything else. Six years later, we moved and got rid of the hutch (it was a hand me down and was beginning to fall apart). This time they were shelved at the top and never to be seen again. Alas, we moved to a different state. Not one plate from the set chipped or shattered. And even with that survival rate, the plates were imprisoned again on a different top shelf.

Until one day, I had to learn how to host a Ladies Bible Studies... with real plates. I was the last to host, and quite frankly seeing what the others were doing told me that my fine china Styrofoam plates will not do. Could it be?

I borrowed recipe ideas from Pinterest and decided to theme my dinner to a garden theme. I baked a cake (I was practicing for the Wedding Cake I was going to attempt to bake later)-what?! More on that later.

And yes! My mother's china plates came out.  They were so beautiful. Why haven't I noticed it before? I realized that in life we take things for granted. They are there everyday and we take no notice. Like the made me realize to take the time to give others by simply taking ME off the top shelf. Let my love for others shine. I am grateful for my mother's china plates. It allowed for that extra piece of love that night.

August 12, 2014

Getting ready!

I moved into my classroom in the middle of June. I had to clear the room out and prepare to make my room my own. I decided to continue my bird theme in my new school. I purchased my birds from Schoolgirl Style. I think she is an amazing classroom decorator!  I am excited on how my classroom is coming along. I asked one of my besties to help me decorate my front entry. We borrowed the idea from Pinterest and she made it mine. I love it! Here is a sneak peak...

August 10, 2014

All New Changes

I am starting again with this blog! Life came with challenges that prevented me from continuing my blog. 

Update: I am in a new school! Will post pics of my classroom later.

I baked my first Wedding Cake! Can you believe it? I just started baking three years ago.

I moved to a new home the same time I moved to a new classroom.

I have done a lot of borrowing from Pinterest and can't wait to show you a few things I incorporated in my classroom and with my baking. 

It's Back to School time and back to blogging!