September 22, 2014

Utensil Trays? What?

I picked up some utensil trays from the Dollar Store. I used them for my students' desks to keep them organized. It was a simple and cheap way to keep their desks neat. You can try using paint trays as well, but the utensil trays separated their school supplies. You're welcome!

September 19, 2014

Like a Rock Star!

I happened to take the day off from work and visited my old school today. Students were gathered in the gym for worship while I waited outside ready to surprise my former students. I even had on a visitor's pass on! 

Once the VP let them in on the surprise, I felt overwhelmed with joy hearing the crowd burst my name. I felt like a rock star! Then, the group hug came! You can see the expressions on my face of happiness (to see how much they've grown) to distress (thought I was going to fall)! 

It was a great ending to my school week! I love this school! I baked coconut cupcakes for all of my teacher friends! I missed you so!

Photo Credit: Y. Melbourne