March 3, 2016

Ever Wondered About These Scoop Rockers?

My colleague obtained these chairs that look like baby car seats for her first grade classroom. At first, I thought they might be too small for my second graders. I always wondered if my students could fit in it.  They are called Scoop Rockers and she found them for about $5 at Aldi Grocery Store.  I have heard that you might be able to catch them at Wal-Mart, too.

 My students loved them! I added them to my classroom as another alternative to my flexible seating for Daily 5. My second graders seem comfortable enough to sit in them for their Read-to-Self.

This kid found a way to get himself all comfortable!

Here's a closer look at their label so you can track them down.  I think these scoop rockers works well with 2nd grade and below.  You might want to get a few to try in any higher grades after 2nd. 
 It's a hit for my second graders!