July 14, 2015


I started participating in this crazy but fun and crafty world of planning your days with planner books. I did a lot of research on different planners and decided on Websters Pages Color Crush Planners. It had to be small enough to fit my teacher bag. You can purchase cute inserts for it via Etsy, but I love the ones that came with the planner itself. 
Since I am not as creative as I liked to be, I watched how others (instagram) decorated their monthly, weekly, and day by day planners. I will admit that I knew I would not have the time to do it all! Some planner people have more than one or two planner books! For me, I needed ONE centralized organization for all upcoming events in my teacher, mother, wife, friend, and so on world!
I did sorta (maybe a lot) went overboard in preparing myself for this planner crazed world. However, I was frugal! I purchased all of my stuff either on sale, on clearance, and always with a coupon! I did purchase some of my planner stickers through Etsy. 
I decided not to decorate my monthly calendar pages. I use it to jot down the important events. I set a time on Sundays to decorate the upcoming weekly pages. I check on my monthly pages to see what is coming that week. Decide on either a theme or color scheme I will use to decorate my weekly. I find it relaxing and fun to craft my weekly pages. My very first week I themed it to my favorite, Hello! It doesn't take long to figure out which washi tape, stickers, or dashboards to use. So far with my new planner book, I feel like the most organized and decorated person on earth! You wanna what? Hold on...let me check my planner to see if I am available.

                         My Michaels Haul

Wrap Washi Tape around used gift cards. 
Easy to travel with.

Travel Pocket

Week One

Week Two

                                    Week Three


And to hold it all together, a pink Craftsman Tote!

July 4, 2015

Love It!

I am thrilled with my new blog design by Gabby. I told her my classroom theme, the colors I liked, and answered a few more questions on her design form. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it was going to turn out great after reviewing the other blogs she designed.
I will admit that I shed a few tears when I saw the final product! She is AMAZING! I am not tech savy, but if I were, I would still spend every penny to have Gabby design my blog! She is quick and made the process very easy. I had the biggest smile when I saw my header on her site. Love it!
Check her blog at  www.gabbysclassrooms.com