October 23, 2015

I Never Met A Pumpkin I Didn't Like

Here's a quick and easy pumpkin bulletin board for ya! I actually stole the idea from a great teacher friend of mine. I looked on Pinterest for the How To.  I found KinderCraze and her link for a free pumpkin template. I used clear contact paper and had the students fill in the pumpkins with colorful tissue paper I cut up into squares (they cut out their own pumpkins). Then lined the top with more clear contact paper. For the vines, I just squeezed colorful tissue paper and added die cut leaves. Our hallway is decorated with tons of Fall colors. And of course, I needed to add more darker colors to add that pop! Plus, it ties in when my tree by my door. Students will take them home for Thanksgiving Break so that they can hang them on their windows. 

Happy Fall Y'all!

October 14, 2015

Organizing my guided reading groups

Here's another tweak from Pinterest. Organizing and keeping track of your reading groups with two simple tools. Check out What the Teacher Wants for more details on how she uses her file folder. 

You can get as creative as you want! I just simply printed on pretty paper and used these labels for my reading levels. Laminate the file folder. I printed and laminated students' names on card stock.  This year, I used laminated heart shaped die cuts for their names. I added adhesive putty so that I can move my students' names from level to level after assessing them with running records. You can easily erase the levels and rewrite on your choice of post it labels. 

Teachers use several different ways to keep track of their anecdotal notes on each student.  One of the best ways are our index cards with a ring to hold them together. I love washi tapes and decided to washi mine up! 

I colored coded my reading groups based on their reading levels. 

And towards the back of my stack ~ a sheet of colorful letters! 
I am better organized with these two tools! 
Happy Guided Reading!