April 6, 2017

Book Madness

My 2nd grade students loved Book Madness! I watched my Instagram blow up with teachers doing this, and I wanted to join the bandwagon. We had a blast listening to our stories. I got the banner from Second Grade Sizzle and the tournament headings from Brown Bag Teacher. Both FREE!  A wonderful teacher created the book headings and opinion writing template. I had to switch out a couple of books, but it was easy to do. Leave me a comment and I will email them to you.
I wanted to do my Book Madness the same time with NCAA's March Madness. It's easy to read picture books for this tournament. It's best you start creating your list at the beginning of the school year with chapter books if you want to start with Sweet 16. You can start with eight books for the Elite 8. My Book Madness was easier to coincide with March Madness since I used picture books.
Students votes counted as points. So, the book with the most points won the tourney.  My second graders loved the suspense as to which book had the most points.  The book that won by one point was the Buzzer Beater Book!
Here's a tip: I found my books online and decided to save my voice. There are many great read alouds on www.youtube.com and www.storylineonline.net
I did read the champion book aloud on my own!
Book Champion...(drumroll)...Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems!