September 4, 2016

Move Over Raskog

I love Ikea, but don't get me wrong. Every time I check for those popular Raskogs, they are always NOT IN STOCK! That's a big ouch for this teacher (I get frustration in me)!
I have completely revamped my classroom into a flexible/alternative seating this school year (more on that in a later post).  I removed my reading kidney shaped table to make more room for flexible type seating arrangements in my classroom. I realized a Raskog could be very handy in housing all of my guided reading materials. 
But back to my Raskogs available AND you can't order one online from Ikea. Well, yes you can, but you will pay double for one on other sites if you are that desperate. 
I was! 
I browsed Amazon for a utility cart when I came across this beauty.  Ordered, delivered in two days, and it took me about ten minutes to put together. Took it to school and was able to put all of my guided reading supplies in it! I am in LOVE!  I was desperate and dished an extra $10 to get this. And it was worth it (I justify it by saving gas and the wheels on this locks).
 It rolls around easily from carpet to tile. I love the deep bin at the bottom that houses students' guided reading composition books. I can take the book bins out of each shelf easily.  
There is plenty of room! 
Click HERE to get one for yourself!