November 19, 2015

Standing Desks on a Budget or even FREE!

A Stand2Learn standing desk and stool. 
(Courtesy of Stand2Learn)

I really want to try those STANDING DESKS I keep reading about in educational journals and blogs. I was researching how to do a flexible seating arrangement in my classroom when I came across this concept about standing desks. I looked online to purchase one of those cool tables with a fancy pendulum footrest and realized that I didn't have the funds for one. 
My principal suggested that I can save a "whole lotta" money by simply raising the legs of my students' desks! Um...why didn't I think of that? I raised the legs of a couple of student desks I had in the classroom. kids love it! They love doing their work in the standing stations! 
Granted, this will only work maybe up to third grade as desks can go only so high. might have beat me to the punch, but I just found out about this wonderful easy way to get them for free! So, I am spreading the love to those who want to try out standing desks! 
You're welcome! 
A few of my students like to sit in the high stool while working. 

 They use a stepper for the whole one leg up thingy that comes when you actually purchase a standing desk...oh, yes, the pendulum footrest...that thingy. We found that a step stool does the same thing. 

Move two desks together and you have a four top! Wala!