May 19, 2016

Jump Around!!!

Recently, my coworkers and I have been on Fitbit's Workweek Hustle Challenges (we received Fitbits as Mother's Day gifts).  I wondered how one of my coworkers was getting her 20k+ steps a day in. She told me about her trampoline. She let me borrow it the other day and WOW! It's so awesome to have in the classroom! I hop on it when I get a chance to add more steps towards my daily step goal. The best part is my students LOVE it as well!   

I purchased one by inMotion on Amazon (click on link) for under $30! My coworker found hers at Aldi's for under $25.  The Aldi version was a spring type trampoline, and I noticed that it did make a creaky sound as soon as a student jumped on it. 

I love the one I purchased on Amazon. This one comes with band tension resistance springs. 

It's a quiet jump which helps during Read to Self in our Daily 5 or when students are working on individual work.  I did set up some rules to keep students safe and prevent bickering on who has a turn. Anyone can jump whenever the trampoline is free. They cannot jump when someone is speaking, during tests, or when we enter the classroom from recess or specials. They are allowed 35 consecutive jumps per subject. For instance, when I am finished with any mini-lesson and students begin their independent practice, students may jump when the trampoline is free. They are not allowed to line up or stand around the trampoline when someone is jumping. When a student is ready to jump they MUST step on and step off the trampoline. NO JUMPING ON OR OFF OF IT.  Their feet may catch the safety pad that surrounds the trampoline.

This has helped get their wiggles out on rainy days. It also helped them refocus on their tasks. And it's a fun quiet way of getting their exercise in!  

I ended up purchasing two more trampolines! Two for the classroom and one for me at home! 

Happy Jumping!