December 30, 2012


Just a little bit about me. I lived in the outskirts of Orlando, in Apopka, for almost fifteen years. My husband had a job opportunity at a university near Washington D.C.  I DID NOT WANT TO MOVE! However, change was inevitable. The whole process was quick! We landed our jobs at the beginning of July, and had to pack and move to Maryland by the end of the month. It was a whirlwind, but we managed to move into our home on July 31 and report to work on August 1. I am a second grade teacher, and began working in a private school of 180 students. My new school is one teacher per grade. It took awhile for me to get use to the idea of being the only second grade teacher. In my former school, there were three of us (more about them later).

A year has passed, and I can clearly see how God had a hand in our changes. Changes...

Life is busier up North. The weather was something new. I remember my son bringing a fall leaf to his teacher. He was amazed by the different colors (they stay green in Florida). Today, we have acclimated to the cold. We no longer dress like Eskimos in the winter.

I have learned to bake cupcakes! Somewhat. I am still trying to perfect my frosting part, and the cupcake part. I have perfected chocolate chip cookies. I had no idea when a recipe calls for butter, it doesn't mean I can use margarine.

I have gotten a little craftier too, who am I kidding? I was never crafty! However, the people I work with are incredibly crafty. See, I had a wonderful classroom budget in my former school, where I just bought everything to decorate or use in my classroom. I never made anything!  Another change, classroom budget. I guess you can say I was forced to unlock my inner craftiness (if I had one). I can't wait to show you some of my crafty things I made for my classroom.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of the things I have learned. The ideas posted will not be of my own, but borrowed from others. I will tweak them to my own creativity (ha!). And share that in hopes it could be useful for others to tweak!  Bear with me because this is a change as well. Blogging is all new to me!

Today, I am grateful for the changes in my life. God has picked certain changes I needed. I can't wait to see what other changes he has in store for me.