October 4, 2014

Anchored in Charts

Since Pinterest, I have been obsessed with Anchor Charts. I see what I like and tweak it for my teaching needs. I love creating them on a snowy evening (school cancelled due to a Snow Day) along with a great set of markers and a good cup of hot chocolate!         Recently, I needed anchor charts for my Writer's Workshop. I mentioned it to my wonderful creative friend who was just as excited as I was about creating them. And since I have less creativity, I tasked her the job. I am glad I did! I'm in the process of teaching Bold Beginnings.  I told her what I needed and she created this! She tied in my classroom bird theme, too!

 Here's the Mighty Middles anchor chart. She knows I love chocolate! 
Exciting Endings anchor chart. I love this one!

I created  a space in the front of my classroom  to hang my anchor charts for students to use for reference. I rotate my charts depending on what I am teaching. I covered a magnetic bulletin board and used magnet hooks to hang my charts. I placed regular clips on the posters to hook them on to my bulletin board.
And my sweet creative friend added an anchor to the tree. And yes, students ask, "why is there an anchor hanging from that tree?"

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