August 24, 2015

Fluffy Fuzzies Once Again!

I use Pom-poms (or fuzzies as we call them) for my classroom management. Students who earn 20 fuzzies can turn them in for a coupon. You can get freebie coupons like this one from Stories by Storie. Or make your own coupons. I do take away a fuzzy if students are not following our classroom rules. But...what I wanted to share happened upon me by accident. After a couple of years, my fuzzies were beginning to look icky. I would spray them with Lysol to kill the germs, but it just made them look so sad! 

The other night, I washed my apron and forgot that I had fuzzies in my pockets. I never saw them when I transferred them to the dryer.  After a good wash and drying time, they came out fluffy! They almost looked new. I decided to take the rest home and I washed and dried them in a lingerie bag. I have fluffy fuzzies once again! 


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