February 21, 2015

I Survived

Every year my family and I visit New York City during our Thanksgiving Break. I love the splendor and beauty of the New York City lights during the holidays! Beyond the carriage rides at Central Park, stopping at FAO Schwarz, and eating NYC pizza, we make it a habit to visit Ground Zero, 9/11 Memorial.
I find it hard to explain to my children about what happened on 9/11. Bringing them to the memorial makes it real to them. They learn the truth by the names engraved around the twin memorial pools.
Every time I go I take a picture of a particular tree. This year, I noticed it was the only tree that looked different from the others. Rightfully so. It is a tree that survived 9/11.
I myself cannot fathom the pain of those who have lost their loved ones during this horrific day. My heart goes out to all of them. So, when I look at this tree I see strength. Strength in the people who overcame.
I see hope as well in this tree. A tree that may represent Jesus himself. When He went home, the angels rejoiced with Him because He survived. He is alive! There is hope for me when Jesus returns. I want to stand next to Him and say, “I survived!”
Visit the site, and learn more about The Survivor Tree.

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