About Me

About me? I'm learning about me every day. I can't carry a tune, but I can belt out a good country song...in my shower.  Reading is my favorite past time. IF the book is REALLY good, I'll pull an all-nighter just to finish it. I never read the last page before I start a book.  However, I want to know who the author dedicates his/her book. I love dark chocolate and have to have a bite once a day...okay...for those who know me...they know I eat it for breakfast. I like to squeeze lemon on grilled food, black beans, and fettuccine alfredo...but I hate it in my sweet tea. A picker upper for me is a good double chocolate chip frappuccino with mint and a slice of reduced-fat blueberry coffee cake.  I love my family who support me without having to say a word to me.  I just know they love me and care for me. I love hearing the laughter of my son and watching my daughter dance. I am inspired by what God has done with my husband's talents. I am mesmerized by their gifts. For friends who show me the error of my ways and for friends who encourage me to error in my own ways.   I love to be part of a good prank, but I also love being the innocent bystander. I am a teacher who wants to learn more for the craft God gave me. I learn a little more about me every day!

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